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Who we are: Tails of Glory is a New York-based performance art troupe that performs each year at the Coney Island Mermaid Parade. What began as a modest group of 6 friends doing a little dance routine in 2002 has evolved into a ensemble of 20— give or take a few from year to year. Though our individual lives have change dramatically over the last 17 years, we march on! With our devoted group of jailbait and banner bitches, we take Coney Island by storm each year on (or around) the summer solstice.

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June 16th, 2018 at the with 36th Annual Coney Island Mermaid Parade
The Tails of Glory place Second for Best Musical Group!

10 years

Tails of Glory Present

Oyez, oyez! Herewith the tale of witchery, necromancy, and communion with the Devil that didst commenceth in the towneship of Salem in the yeare of our Lorde 1692. These accursed villaines didst wield their dark arts and sorcerys to bewitch and vex the townesfolk to engage in such grievouf moleftations as novel reading (gafp!), intemperanfe, and public gyration, and did raise their shrill voices in a manner that has much annoy'd those of good moral ftanding! These abominable wretches were sentenced to death by pyre for their bedevliment, and yet it seemeth that some of them would not burn! From the roiling sea upon the 16th day of June in the yeare 2018 the descendants of these vile witches shall emerge to cast spells afresh upon the masses at Coney Isle! The Tails of Glorye present: SALMON WITCH TRYALS!

10 years

10 years